Molybdenum Element

Mo doesn't occur free on Earth. This element is obtained by acquisition of Molybdenum sulfur or Molybdenum oxide. Mo with atomic no 42 , atomic weight 93.95 , melting point of 2617 C and boiling point of 4612 C forms hard in metallic (white silver)colors . It is vastly used I fortification of steel alloys and softening tungsten alloy in the world developed industries. In Molding industry, this element is used about molybdenum. In steel and molding industry ferromolybdenum is used with certain percentages. Ferromolybdenum s are usually classified and used according to the amount of Molybdenum and copper contain molybdenum reduces the temperature fragility of steel parts, makes the grains become smaller and increases the fortification of the parts.

Molybdenum consists carbide and is used in producing fascinating steel parts . It increases the culling property . Ferro molybdenum is vastly used in producing part that are exposed to high oxidation , as it conges the high corrosion resistance of the parts . Molybdenum is used in steel alloy parts that contain the chrome and nickel to increase the corrosion resistance. However the amount of ferromolybdenum used in Molding must be controlled, as using too much results the reverse. Moreover, ferromolybdenum increases temperature resistance of parts and reduces their resistance against scaling caused by oxidation. It is mostly applies as a catalyst in aero-space compound most of molybdenum concentrate is product and processed in some limited companies. Process of producing molybdenum oxide

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